Career Advancement

Examine skills, interests, and values, to explore diverse career options, build a professional network, and prepare for entering a career of your choice.

Exploring the diversity of careers available to masters and PhD students is a helpful exercise even if you already have decided on a specific path. The myIDP and ImaginePhD platforms provide resources for the user to match different careers with their skills interests, and values.  

  • mIDP: for careers in STEM. Also see Beyond the Lab: See and Listen for more in depth information for careers in life sciences.  
  • ImaginePhD: for careers in Humanities and Social Sciences. Also see The Humanities Project for information on select organizations where humanists work.   
  • Additional ResourceInterSECT is an online platform that provides a series of simulation exercises for graduate students from all fields to explore diverse careers.   
  • Informational Interviews provide an excellent way to learn more about specific careers, and grow your professional network. It is simply a conversation that you have with someone that currently works in your field of interest. This guide from ImaginePhD provides detailed information on how to lead successful informational interviews.  
  • The Graduate School’s Preparing Future Faculty is a 13-week program where participants learn about faculty life and promotion at different types of academic institutions, receive one-on-one mentoring from a faculty advisor, and gain valuable teaching and learning skills.  


  • Many types of internships are available for graduate studentsrecent study has shown that doctoral students who participated in internships perceived an increased ability to identify careers of choice, and increased confidence in pursuing this career. Importantly, participating in internships did not increase time to degree completion.   
  • The Career Connections Center (C3) connects graduate students with numerous internship opportunities. Using Gator Career Link, graduate students can find both paid and unpaid internships that allow you to apply what you are learning in the classroom to the workplace. Consider these hands-on experiences to cultivate valuable and relevant competencies and develop a unique portfolio of work experience that sets you apart from your peers.

Start your search for an internship by checking out the resources listed below. Reflect on your experience once you complete it so that you can make meaning and be able to tell the story of what you learned to your next employer.

Internships at UF

  • UF Innovate Tech Licensing Internships- paid internships in technology management and commercialization 
  • Humanities Center Internships in the Public Humanities- Multiple internships available for graduate students in various campus locations 
  • Harn Museum Internships- Internships are offered in all museum departments with the goal of providing professional experience and growth opportunities 
  • Museum of Natural History Internships- Can include a range of opportunities and are typically funded from research grants for specific tasks and projects. These part-time appointments can be as short as a single semester or continue for several years and are perfect for students to gain research and/or collections experience while also receiving an hourly wage. 
  • Cade Museum Internships- The Cade Museum for Creativity & Invention strives to provide a workplace that promotes creativity and invention at its core. We are looking for interns that have a passion for creating meaningful experiences for our guests and students 
  • Matheson History Museum Internships- a one-of-a-kind internship because interns will have the opportunity to choose the tasks that they will be working on. The Matheson History Museum is an interactive museum that aims to preserve the history of Gainesville and Alachua County. 

Federal Internships 

  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: internships are available to Masters, doctoral, and medical/veterinary students. Long term fellowships and other opportunities are also available.  
  • Central Intelligence Agency: internship and other opportunities for STEM and Humanities graduate students are available throughout the year, not only during summers.  
  • The National Institutes of Health provide 8-week summer internships in a variety of fields that cover biomedical research. (At the NIH "biomedical research" includes everything from behavioral and social sciences, through biology and chemistry, to physics, mathematical modeling, computational biology, and biostatistics).
  • The U.S. Department of State offers many internships for graduate students, nationally and internationally.  

Other Internships

Delivering your Pitch 

  • An elevator pitch introduces who you are, what you do, and why the person listening should be interested. Most importantly, it should be very brief. Many of us think we can do this on the spot, and the consequences can be disastrous. Be sure to have a pitch rehearsed from the very beginning of your studies so that when opportunity strikes you are prepared.  
  • The University of Washington provides a good model for how to structure your pitch.  

Networking and Job Search 

  • Most jobs are not advertised. Instead, most workers are hired based on who they know (their network). While resumes, CVs, and cover letters are important, they are not as effective as an introduction from someone that the prospective employer already knows and trusts.  

Resumes and CVs 

  • The expected content and format of CVs and resumes can vary considerably by field, sector, and country. If applying for academic positions, please consult with faculty members in your discipline for the most accurate information. Ideally, ask for help from young Assistant Professors who have just experienced going through the job market.  

Additional Resources

SemesterWorkshop TitlePresenterRecordings, Transcripts, and Materials
Summer 2021 The Accidental PhD: From Engineer to Higher Ed Admin  Dr. Samesha Barnes Ivey, UF McNair Scholars Program

Higher Ed Admin Workshop Recording

Higher Ed Admin PPT

Higher Ed Admin Workshop Transcript 

Spring 2021  Considerations When Making Employment Decisions  Dr. Martin Gillen, UF FYCS 

Employment Decisions Workshop Recording

Employment Decisions PPT

Employment Decisions Workshop Transcript 

Fall 2021 Design Thinking: Reframing Your 5-Year Plan Jaime Harsell, UF Career Connections Center 

Design Thinking Workshop Recording

Design Thinking PPT Fall 2021

Design Thinking Workshop Transcript

Spring 2021  Design Thinking: Reframing Your 5-Year Plan  Jaime Harsell, UF Career Connections Center 

Design Thinking Workshop Recording

Design Thinking PPT

Fall 2020  Developing a Diversity Statement  Dr. Alex Bitton-Bailey, UF Center for Teaching Excellence 

Diversity Statement Workshop Recording

Diversity Statement PPT

Diversity Statement Workshop Transcript

Fall 2018  Financial Management: Now and Throughout Your Career  Dr. Martie Gillen, UF FYCS  Financial Management Workshop Recording 
Fall 2020  How to Ace Zoom Interviews for Faculty Positions  Dr. Antonio Faciola, UF Department of Animal Sciences 

Ace Interviews Workshop Recording

Ace Interviews PPT

Ace Interviews Workshop Transcript

Spring 2021  Identifying and Articulating Your Transferable Skills as a Graduate Student  Jaime Harsell, UF Career Connections Center 

Transferable Skills Workshop Recording

Transferable Skills PPT

Transferable Skills Workshop Transcript 

Fall 2020  Irreconcilable Differences: Living Academically Outside of Academia  Dr. Djurdja Trajkovic, Reconstruction Women’s Fund

Irreconcilable Differences Workshop Recording

Irreconcilable Differences Workshop Transcript 

Spring 2019  Networking and Building Professional Connections for Graduate Students  Allie Simon, UF Career Connections Center  Building Professional Connections Workshop Recording 
Spring 2019  The Non-Academic Job Search  Lindsey Day, Info Tech  Non-Academic Job Search Workshop Recording 
Summer 2021 Putting Students First: Faculty Life at Community Colleges Dr. Melissa Flanagan & Dr. David Tegeder

Putting Students First Workshop Recording

Putting Students First Workshop Transcript

Summer 2021 Stumble Through the Jungle: A Circuitous Path to Medical Writing Dr. Leah Colvin

Medical Writing Workshop Recording

Medical Writing PPT

Medical Writing Workshop Transcript

Summer 2021  Tech Transfer: Where Research, Business, and Law Meet  Dr. Mark Staudt

Tech Transfer Workshop Recording

Tech Transfer PPT

Tech Transfer Workshop Recording Transcript 

Summer 2021  Transitioning from Academia to Industry and Into a New Research Area  Dr. Allison Goins 

New Research Area Workshop Recording

New Research Area PPT

New Research Area Workshop Transcript 

Summer 2021  Transitioning from Graduate Student to Industry Professional  Dr. Latoya Allen 

Industry Professional Workshop Recording

Industry Professional PPT

Industry Professional Workshop Transcript 

Summer 2021  Who Does That? Searching for the Right Employer Post-PhD  Dr. Adwoa Baah-Dwomoh 

The Right Employer Workshop Recording

The Right Employer PPT

The Right Employer Workshop Transcript

The Right Employer Additional Materials

Fall 2020  Write a Winning Teaching Statement Dr. Alex Bitton-Bailey, UF Center for Teaching Excellence 

Teaching Statement Workshop Recording

Teaching Statement PPT

Teaching Statement Workshop Transcript 

Course TitleCourse NumberCourse DescriptionDepartmentInstructor
International Research Immersion ALS 5905 This 3 credit class was designed to provide students with the possibility to get a research experience abroad. Students are encouraged to spend up to one semester abroad, and they can do so while taking online classes at UF.  Agroecology Romain Gloaguen