Advising Individual Graduate Students

The relationship between an advisor and a graduate advisee is often considered to be the most influential factor in student success during graduate training. Frequent, open, and supportive communication has been found to be essential for graduate student success and satisfaction. Resources to facilitate mentoring of graduate students are provided below. If you would like assistance in providing professional development resources and training to graduate students, please contact our office.

Many expectations in academic life are unspoken and (erroneously) assumed to be understood by all parties involved. This can be particularly challenging for international students, those belonging to underrepresented backgrounds, first generation, and/or low income.

mentoring compact can be a valuable tool to build the mentor-mentee relationship on a foundation of clear expectations. In addition, it supports inclusive mentoring practices.

The Individual Development Plan (IDP) is a valuable tool to establish mutual goals between the mentor and mentee as the mentee progresses through their graduate program. The IDP is required for all doctoral students at the University of Florida.

UF also has numerous resources for improving mentoring relationships, including programming offered through:

Additional Resources:

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