Management and Leadership

Learn how to collaborate, lead, and work effectively as part of a team to accomplish significant tasks.


Being an effective leader and having the ability to manage yourself and others are fundamental skills needed during your time as a graduate student and beyond.

The Office of Training and Organizational Development offers many resources, including the following: 


Developing a funding plan for your studies and research is an important part of your graduate training. Funding may be available through your graduate program, the university, or an external funding agency.

On-Campus Funding

External Funding

It is highly encouraged for graduate students to seek external funding during graduate training. In addition to financial rewards, external fellowships can provide greater academic freedom, enhance your CV, and demonstrate your ability to secure funding. 

The David and Wanda Brown Center for Leadership and Service offers: 

Resources for more volunteer opportunities:

The International Center (UFIC) also promotes international collaboration for graduate student research through the Research Abroad for Doctoral Students (RAD) program. Funding for travel related expenses are available for students in two tracks: STEM and social sciences and humanities.


Creating and leading collaborative efforts in research and service builds leadership skills and your network of mentors and peers. Collaboration with other scholars to develop and execute research agendas provides unique opportunities to include multiple perspectives on a project. Here are some tips to help increase your collaborative efforts:

  1. Contact authors of key articles in your discipline to start building a collaborative network. 
  2. Search the members database of your professional societies to identify areas and researchers for potential collaboration. Your advisor and program coordinator can be valuable resources in helping you to identify potential professional societies. There are also several resources online to help you find professional societies in your field of study: 



Semester  Workshop Title  Presenter Recordings, Transcripts, and Materials
Fall 2023 Leading in Tough Situations: Managing Up, Down, and Across as a Graduate Student Dr. Jeanna Mastrodicasa

Workshop Recording

Fall 2023 Leading Effectively from the Middle: A Guide to Communication and Influence Dr. Hannah Sunderman and Dr. Jonathan Orsini

Workshop Recording

Fall 2022  The Key to Finding a Great Mentor: Be a Great Mentee! Dr. Roger Fillingim 

The Key to Finding a Great Mentor: Be a Great Mentee! recording

Mentoring PPT

Spring 2022 Successful Strategies for Preparing Fundable Grant Applications  Bess Gail de Farber 

Successful Strategies for Preparing Fundable Grant Applications presentation 

Strategies for Successful Grant Applications PPT

Spring 2022 Introduction to the Science of Team Science   Wayne McCormack, University of Florida College of Medicine  

Intro to the Science of Team Science PPT 

Team Science presentation

Fall 2021 Thinking Beyond Thinking: Using Critical Thinking to Improve Learning Dr. Nicole Stedman, Graduate School Dean and Associate Provost

Thinking Beyond Thinking Workshop Recording

Thinking Beyond Thinking PPT

Thinking Beyond Thinking Workshop Transcript

Additional Reading: Becoming a Critic of Your Thinking

Spring 2021  How to Find and Evaluate a Postdoc Position Dr. Lily Lewis, Office of Postdoctoral Affairs and Dr. Sharonda Harris, College of Medicine

Postdoc Positions Workshop Recording

Postdoc Positions Workshop Transcript

Postdoc PDF

Spring 2020  The Role of External Funding in Educational Research and Building Collaborations with HBCUs Workshop Recording Dr. Caesar Jackson, North Carolina Central University  HBCUs Funding Workshop Recording 
Fall 2019  Graduate Funding Opportunities with the UF Center for European Studies Corinne Tomasi, Center for European Studies Funding CES Workshop Recording
Spring 2019  Gen X to Gen Z: Navigating Generational Differences in the Workplace Dr, Lindsay Lynch, College of Education Generational Differences Workshop Recording
Spring 2019  Leading from the Middle: Leadership Style and Strategy for Young Professionals Dr. Lindsay Lynch, College of Education  Leadership Style Workshop Recording 
Spring 2019  Networking and Building Professional Connections for Graduate Students  Allie Simon, Career Connections Center  Networking Workshop Recording 
Course TitleCourse NumberDepartmentCourse DescriptionInstructor
Mentoring for Career Development  EDA 6370  Education  Assists graduate students in their careers in any field through the discovery of how mentoring, a commonly accepted support structure in business, industry, medicine, and academia, can enhance their professional development. In addition, students will gain knowledge to become mentors or lead mentoring programs.  Linda Searby 
Proseminar  LNW 6935  Classics     
Leadership Development for Extension and Community Nonprofit Organizations  AEC 5454  Agricultural Education & Communication  Application of concepts related to developing leaders for organizing and maintaining extension and community nonprofit organizations.   
Organizational Leadership  AEC 6411  Agricultural Education & Communication  Leadership will be examined as it relates to agriculture and life science based organizations and will provide a knowledge base for effective leadership. Topics will focus on: organizational leadership, culture, structure, relationships, change, conflict and issues within agriculture and life sciences that can impact organizations.   
Methodology of Planned Change AEC 6300 Agricultural Education & Communication  Processes by which professional change agents influence the introduction, adoption, and diffusion of technological changes. Applicable to those who are responsible for bringing about change.  
Development of a Volunteer Leadership Program  AEC 6426  Agricultural Education & Communication  Explores contemporary and emerging topics in agricultural education and communication.   
Grant Writing  LEI 7933  Tourism, Hospitality & Event Management  Advanced Special Topics in Recreation, Parks, and Tourism   
Grant Writing  MMC 6936  Mass Media and Communication  Special Topics in Mass Communication   
Grant Writing for Population Health Research  PHC 7727  College of Public Health and Health Professions  This course provides practical instruction in the grant process, with a specific focus on National Institutes of Health (NIH) procedures. It provides the student with experience in writing parts of the grant application and in reviewing other's grant applications. It also contains a Mock Grant Review session to assist students in understanding the process and content of grant review.   
Graduate Student Professional Development   ALS 5934  Environmental Horticulture  Presentations and group discussion of topics essential to enhance awareness, personal satisfaction, and professional success of graduate students  Hector Perez 
Project Team Research ALS 6031 Agroecology Hands-on experience in addressing a real-world problem faced by an agricultural industry partner. Production of a detailed plan, project design, and preliminary data for evaluating and solving the problem. Offered every term.  
Professional Ecologist: The Other things we need to know WIS 6934 Wildlife Ecology and Conservation This course covers topics such as time management, project management, leadership, budgeting, personnel management, teaching, and wellness. Miguel A. Acevedo