Gator Lead

Gator Lead is a semester-long leadership development program for graduate students and postdocs aspiring to leadership roles in any career sector. Early career scholars will develop self and career sector awareness while building their networks through a series of interactive workshops, small team discussions moderated by accomplished leaders, one-on-one mentoring, and career path researchScholars will attend weekly 2-hour virtual workshops and will have ongoing mentoring and networking assignments.  

Eligibility: Graduate Students in terminal Masters programs (ex: MFA), doctoral students, and postdocs aspiring to leadership roles in any career sector are invited to apply.

In Fall 2024, the program will be offered Online. We will meet on Thursday from 2 pm -4 pm. from August 29th to November 14th.

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Deadline to apply is July 19 at 11:59pm

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Past participants have said:
"I feel like this program made me more self-aware than I have ever been both in my personal and my professional life, and it helped me to just build the confidence I have in myself, I need to trust in my decisions. "
"It's incredible to think how much this program actually changed me because you don't really see the effects happen as you go through it and in having these discussions, but literally last week, I asked for a raise for the first time. Don't be afraid to ask for what you're worth... I've taken what I have learned and put it to use so it's just such an honor to be a part of this program and I really appreciate it."

* Meetings are online through Zoom on Thursdays from 2-4pm EST

Course Component Week Weekly Topic
Welcome 08/29/2024

Welcome & Logistics 

Self-Awareness 09/05/2024

Communications and Behavioral Style Awareness

Self-Awareness 09/12/2024 

Personal & Career Planning

Careers: Knowing what is possible 09/19/2024

Career Sector Exploration

Self-Awareness 09/26/2024  Emotional Intelligence
Self-Awareness 10/03/2024 Personal Branding
Effectiveness & Purpose 10/10/2024 Tools for Conversations
Effectiveness & Purpose 10/17/2024 

Managing Bias as a Leader

Effectiveness and Purpose 10/24/2024

Financial Considerations in Professional Life

Effectiveness & Purpose 10/31/2024

Salary Negotiations

Effectiveness & Purpose 11/07/2023 Transferable Skills for Leadership Roles
Careers: Knowing what is possible 11/14/2023  Graduation Ceremony


Explore career sectors
Identify careers that align with skills, interests, and values
Build professional networks to accomplish career goals



Develop communications and behavioral style awareness
Employ design thinking for personal and career planning
Use verbal and digital communications strategies to convey personal and professional value



Learn strategies for managing bias and leading challenging conversations
Understand how to influence situations
Explore tools for negotiations