Focus on Mentoring

In Spring 2022, the Graduate School, in collaboration with UF Research, launched the Focus on Mentoring series. The goal of the series is to empower graduate students with the knowledge and skills to successfully navigate the relationship with their advisor and/or mentor. This series is focused on graduate students and postdocs; faculty members may find some resources to improve their mentoring and advising skills here.  

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Past Events

January 20, 2022: Focus on Mentoring Kick off event

1. Opening remarks by President Fuchs

2. What is Mentoring and How it Impacts Graduate Education, by Dr. Idalis Villanueva Alarcon

3. Panel on Mentoring Best Practices and Challenges

4. Closing remarks by Dr. David Norton


February 28, 2022: Research Integrity and Compliance

Cassandra Farley, Research Integrity Officer

In this interactive session we will discuss your rights and responsibilities as they relate to research integrity. The session will provide an overview of research integrity concepts and include discussion on authorship, research misconduct, and general research compliance topics. We will talk about resources available for graduate students when you have concerns about misconduct and we will also strategize ways to cultivate integrity in research, no matter your role in the lab or research group.



March 17, 2022: Mentoring and Wellbeing

Ben Katsyuruba, Professor of Educational Policy,Leadership, and School Law at Queen’s University, Kingston, ON,Canada

This webinar will focus on the positive impact of mentoring on thewellbeing of mentees. It is geared towards graduate students and their mentors, emphasizing how mentoring can enhance a student’s personal and professional (career and psychosocial) growth. The session will describe strategies for building positive mentoring relationships, developing a culture of trust and success, setting mentoring goals and boundaries, helping students know when mentoring is thriving or has become dysfunctional, and establishing a system of supports for enhancing the well being of all within the mentoring set up.

This session was co-sponsored with the International Mentoring Association and the Office of the Provost



April 18, 2022: Advocacy: Using your Voice to Protect your Rights

Nicole Stedman, Associate Provost and Dean of the Graduate School 

This session will introduce you to basic tenets of self-advocacy, including how to articulate what your needs are, how to contribute to discussions to convey your best interests, and how to identify support systems to help you achieve your goals.