Upcoming Events

Check out these professional development workshops and events sponsored by the Graduate School and its partners on campus and beyond. For more upcoming events, check out our Facebook page and Twitter.




Date Event Location Host Core Competency
Tuesdays, 10am Graduate Student Support Group In-Person at CWC CWC Effectiveness and Purpose
Wednesdays! International Student Success Group at the UF Counseling and Wellness Center In-Person CWC (contact Dr. Shu-Yi Wang (shuyiwang@ufl.edu)  for more information) Effectiveness and Purpose
Open Ended Stress/Mindfulness Consultations GatorWell GatorWell Effectiveness and Purpose
Now - December 8, all day Fostering Inclusive Communities for Learning Online CITT Communication
Register Now! Science Writing Class in Spring 2024 (Email Dr. Reid with questions) Register here MMC6936 Science Writing, Section 2101, Class Number 22768 Communication
December 7-8, all day CITT Course Mapping Camp In-Person CITT Communication
December 7, 9am Inclusive Leadership Online UFHR Management and Leadership
December 7, 11am Introduction to Github for Project Version Control Online HSCL Research Skills and Knowledge December
December 7, 1:30pm Cultivating Judgment: Critical Thinking Skills for Complex Work Environments Online UFHR Professionalism
December 7, 2pm Diving Deeper Into Microsoft Teams Online CITT Communication
December 7, 3pm The Power of Self Compassion Online CWC Effectiveness and Purpose
December 8, All Day AI (ChatGPT) in the Workplace Online CITT Communication
December 8, 9am Grammar Game Online UFHR Communication
December 8, 1:30pm Stress Management through Mindfulness and Meditation Online CWC Effectiveness and Purpose
December 12, 9am Communication Confidence Online UFHR Communication
December 12, 1:30pm Project Management Basics Online UFHR Management and Leadership
December 13, 9am Inspiring Trust Online UFHR Management and Leadership
December 13, 2pm What We Learned About Job Searching in 2023 Online BTP Career Advancement
December 14, 9am Now Hear This Online UFHR Communication
December 14, 1:30pm Email Effectiveness Online UFHR Communication
December 15, 12pm Introduction to Researcher Profiles Online Library West Research Skills and Knowledge
December 19, 9am Take Charge of Change Online UFHR Effectiveness and Purpose
December 19, 1:30pm Making Meetings Work Online UFHR Professionalism