About Us

Talline R. Martins, PhD

Director, Graduate Professional Development

352 294 0488


Talline Martins is the Director of the Office of Graduate Professional Development. She is responsible for coordinating professional development activities and programs for UF graduate students. These initiatives include providing activities and resources to help students set professional development goals, develop core competencies to successfully complete their graduate degree, and gain the necessary skills to transition into diverse career paths upon graduation.

Dr. Martins received her BS in Biology from Western Michigan University, and her Ph.D. in Genetics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She then received a NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship in Biology to continue her training at Duke University. Most recently, she was the Director of the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs and Coordinator of Diversity Initiatives and Graduate Recruitment at the University of Nevada, Reno.





Caroline Reeg

Educational and Training Specialist

352 273 0594


Caroline Reeg is the Education and Training Specialist in the Office of Graduate Professional Development. She is responsible for facilitating educational and professional development workshops, updating and maintaining website information and event schedules, and managing social media platforms for the Graduate School.

Caroline received her BS in Agricultural Education and Communication, and specialized in Leadership Development from the University of Florida. She then went on to start her UF career by working as a Conference Event Planner at the Reitz Union, where she helped to guide in the planning process and execution of campus events. She also has served as a First Year Florida instructor and First-Generation Student Mentor, to better support UF students adjusting to campus and learning how to be successful in their time here.






Alberto Ochoa

Graduate Assistant


Alberto is the Professional development Graduate Assistant. His role focusses on program-experience research, curriculum development, and program design and evaluation for the Graduate School.

Alberto received his bachelor's degree in Psychology in Colombia and his master's degree in Human Resources in Spain. Alberto has served as a well-being manager and human resources consultant in Chile, as a training leader in different industries, and as professional leader in a program dedicated to supporting people displaced by political violence in Colombia, among other experiences. He is working towards his PhD with a research focus on leadership amid periods of transformation.